Our services

Form IT Marketing are offering you services in the field of marketing and web IT.
All areas connected to give people the idea of who company/you are.


 Social MediaA lot of companies and persons are NOT professionally on social media(s). Depending on your company work and requirements, we can help you choose the right application of social media(as they are so many). We will help you set up the accounts and we will tailor a maintenance program for you or your company.  It can be daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on what is necessary for you.

Graphic DesignThe logo is the first thing that represents who we are. It is what sticks to the client’s mind.

Examples: Logo

Professional PhotographsIn certain websites or brochures etc… photographs are necessary to show the actual venue or a product etc… Form IT has a professional photographer when necessary.

Marketing: All profit companies and organizations need clients to succeed. Whether Company or organization gives service or sells products they need the people or companies made out of people to buy the service or product.

Products or services given are normally targeting a certain sector in our society, i.e. target market or specific companies or organizations that need the service to function.

Each sector of society or demographic that a company or organization is trying to reach, needs a special social media or advertisement or even events to reach the clients. Same goes for companies and organizations that they are trying to reach.

We can advise you on which way to go and help you implement these special media or other to be out there and be seen by your target market.

In cases where you are not sure who is your target market or how to reach them. We can help you do a market research.

Also, we can help you find a way by branding or other to keep recurring clients, i.e. keep the certain clients coming back again and again.

WebsitesForm IT builds websites and/or updates existing websites. We have simple standard made packages . In most cases we tailor a package because everyone has different needs, wants and targets.

Examples :Website – business card type
Website – medium size to big
Mobile website.
Database structure(d) website

It is important to constantly maintain the website. We have developed some different packages to maintain your website. We can always tailor a program to update your company website.